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Vijay Singh savagely roasts Darren Clarke after smoking him in a long drive contest

October 15, 2020

You won't confuse either Vijay Singh or Darren Clarke for Kyle Berkshire—especially with both now in their 50s—but this pair of aging major champs still managed to put on quite an entertaining long drive contest this week. Although Singh's mouth, and not his driver, wound up stealing the show.

Ahead of the Dominion Energy Charity Classic on the PGA Tour Champions, the two engaged in an impromptu bash battle during a practice round. But despite Clarke's best effort(s), Singh smoked him. And boy, did he let him know about it.

After arriving at Clarke's golf ball first, Singh turned back and smiled. "Titleist 3?" Of course, pretending to not know whose ball it is when you actually know yours went much farther is standard, but then Singh dropped this additional dagger after someone asked, "Did you get him, Veej?"

"I had him before he even got to the tee."

Absolute savagery. And Singh wasn't done! He posed the question of which of the two would win an eating contest at an Indian restaurant before noting, "Like your wife says, 'Darren does like his food.'" Boom! OK, watch the clip here:

Great stuff, Veej. And can we call you Veej, too?

Regardless, we're not surprised. Have you ever watched this man's workout videos?! Even at 57, the guy is a total beast. We'd like to see a 27-year-old Bryson DeChambeau hit a tire with a sledgehammer like this:

Yep, Clarke never had a chance. Phil Mickelson, you're next.