If Matthew Fitzpatrick thinks Bryson DeChambeau is making a mockery of the game, he won't like these crazy Kyle Berkshire videos

October 12, 2020

Matthew Fitzpatrick became the latest to express displeasure at how far Bryson DeChambeau is hitting the golf ball these days when he said, "It just makes a mockery of the game" during last week's BMW PGA Championship. Matthew might not want to watch these videos of Kyle Berkshire then.

While Bryson has become arguably the longest hitter on the PGA Tour after gaining some 40-to-50 pounds, he is a bunter compared to the reigning World Long Drive champ. Berkshire brings new meaning to the phrase "overpowering a golf course," and his Instagram feed is filled with laughable examples of him bringing long holes to their knees.

Well, probably not laughable to people like Fitzpatrick. Shield your eyes, golf purists! Here's Berkshire reaching a 586-yard par 5 with a driver and a wedge:

Here he is nearly reaching a 687-yard par 5 with a driver and an iron:

And here he is finding the green on a 444-yard par 4 with his tee shot using a 7-iron:

Just absurd stuff. OK, so it's only about a 300-yard carry, but that's not how the hole is supposed to be played. Play the game with some structure, Kyle, geez! Think of the kids! And mid-twentysomethings like Fitzpatrick!

Anyway, you get the point. Kyle plays a different game and he recently promised to share a video of him playing an 841-yard par 6. Don't worry, Matthew, it should take him three shots to reach that one. We think.