Kyle Berkshire on his (ridiculously) long drives, his long hair, and which PGA Tour stars might be able to hang on his tour

August 26, 2019

The PGA Tour season came to an end this past season with one of golf's biggest boppers, Rory McIlroy, taking home the game's biggest check. But when it comes to possessing pop off the tee, Rory has nothing on Kyle Berkshire. And Kyle isn't afraid to say so.

The 22-year-old is the new dominant force on the World Long Drive Association thanks to his 148-mph clubhead speed (For comparison, McIlroy averaged 121.5 this season), which has seen him win two consecutive events heading into this week's World Long Drive Championship, the long drive circuit's Masters and Super Bowl rolled into one.

"Physics is physics," Berkshire says of his prodigious length that has separated him from his peers and made him an almost even-money favorite against a 96-man field at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

To talk about this upcoming tournament (You can watch the knockout rounds on Golf Channel Sept. 3-4 at 8:30 ET), his background as a golfer, his trademark flowing locks, and which PGA Tour stars might be able to hang on the Long Drive circuit, Berkshire joined this week's Golf Digest Podcast.

In addition, Alex Myers, Sam Weinman, and Keely Levins, wrapped up a wild Tour Championship, debated whether there is a PGA Tour Player of the Year debate, and offered our favorite moments of the season. Please have a listen: