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Vijay Singh straps on golf glove, dials up the "crazy" in crazy workout videos

February 11, 2019

If you thought Vijay Singh's now viral workout routine couldn't get any more viral—if you thought his overnight transformation into the Ivan Drago of the Champions Tour couldn't get any more Drago—we have a newsflash for you, Walter Cronkite: It can. But it wasn't a Foreigner-soundtracked training montage or a kung-fu dojo sabbatical that truly set Singh's golf gladiator schtick over the top. It was simply a glove.

On the surface, this is just a regular old game of medicine ball catch, which, despite the impressive zip Vijay's putting on that thing, pales in comparison to some of his previously documented gym routines (smacking a heavy bag with a stick, smacking a large tire with a larger stick, smacking a smaller tire with a smaller stick, et al.). Throw a glove on it, however, and suddenly the whole thing veers, tires squealing, toward crazy town.


One can only imagine what other low-grip daily scenarios Vijay dons the glove for. Opening pickle jars? Mopping the floor? Filling out DMV forms? Perhaps he even dons a pair for fork-and-knife meals at fancy restaurants. The mind boggles at the possibilities. Playful ribbing aside, though, kudos to Vijay not only for aging like a fine wine that will also totally kick your ass, but doing so with the express of purpose of blowing his ball 70 yards by Daly's. Needless to say, if this is the future of Champions Tour fitness, we shudder to think what BK and DJ will be doing to garage gyms around the world come 2039.