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Utah Jazz fan buries five straight putts at mid-court for $8,000, scores another for the flagstick-in crowd

February 07, 2019

The full-court putt is one of the most tried and true timeout challenges in basketball, both college and pro. It often yields viral results as it always sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy, no matter if it's for $10,000 or for .... U.S. Senior Open practice round tickets?

But on Wednesday night we saw a fun and interesting spin on the challenge when the Utah Jazz rolled out a synthetic green at mid-court and had a fan take five putts, with each make earning him more money. While the full court putt seems more impressive, in reality it's complete dumb luck. What this Jazz fan had to do required a lot of poise, focus and a putting stroke that Jordan Spieth would kill for right now. Check out how this guy stared down the belly of the beast, BURIED all five putts and fist-pumped the arena into another dimension:

Legendary stuff. And if you think this looked too easy, have you ever hit a putt with money on the line? It could be for $5 and some of us who are mental midgets instantly come down with a case of the yips. Our man here knocked down putts with $100, $250, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 on the line, and he looked like a tour pro on the putting green just going about his business while doing so. Honest question, if you needed someone to make a putt for your life right now, how can you not take this guy?

By the way, notice the flagstick was in? Despite our recent study, we're now back on Team Bryson.