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Clemson fan drains full-court putt to win $10,000, sends home crowd into a frenzy

January 06, 2018

In the last few years, we've seen some pretty crazy full-court putts from a few tour pros at their alma mater's college basketball games. There was Stewart Cink's 94-footer at Georgia Tech that won a student $25,000, and more recently, Jeff Overton went back to school to drop a bomb and win a few fans a trip to Myrtle Beach at an Indiana game.

The difference with those two putts is that they were struck by professional golfers. That's not to say 94-footers on any surface, green or hardwood, are easy, but these guys know what they are doing. That's what makes this latest full-courter all the more impressive, because of the fact it came from a regular Clemson college student at the Tigers game vs. Louisville on Saturday. Our man didn't even need a practice stroke:

Never. A. Doubt. Incredible putt from a guy who has never played golf before:

Not only did he have zero experience, but they gave him an absolutely whack, 1950s putter. Chris Carns had everything working against him and was still able to walk away $10,000 richer. Well done sir.