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Guy wins $25K for making a layup, free-throw, three-pointer, and half-court shot in 25 seconds

February 22, 2018

If there's one gift that keeps on giving here at The Loop, it's grainy cell phone videos of random heroes winning tons of money by performing unlikely feats of athleticism in dimly lit gymnasiums across America. Earlier this week, we brought you this guy, who drained a 120-foot put at the Minnesota Golf Show to win a $75,000-dollar pontoon boat and $25,000 cash, but now a new contender for Champion Dude Who Suddenly Has to Pay A Sh*t Ton in Gift Tax has stepped into the ring. Check it out:

That's Texas A&M International University senior Kyle Kieshnick, who pocketed a cool 25K on Wednesday night by hitting a layup, free-throw, three-pointer, and half-court shot in the Steph Curry Warm-Up Progressive Shot Challenge...all in under 25 seconds. While Kieshnick's cool/calm/collected approach makes this look like a walk in the park, we assure you it isn't. And if you don't believe us, here's a list of current and former PROFESSIONAL NBA PLAYERS who couldn't get halfway through this exercise without blowing it:

So props Kyle, remind us to never challenge you to a game of knockout.