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Random hero drains 120-foot putt to win $100,000

February 20, 2018

If you thought LA was the place to be this weekend—NBA All-Star festivities, the Genesis Open, avocados that will make you think the crap you're eating on the East Coast isn't even part of the same food group—you were dead wrong. Turns out the hot weekend destination was actually the Minnesota Golf Show, smack dab in the heart of beautiful Minneapolis-in-February.

In addition to approximately six-trillion fix-your-slice Golf Channel infomercial gadgets, an indoor driving range, and a dedicated Golf Lounge where husbands and fathers who just popped out for a gallon of milk three days ago could congregate to watch Tiger IN FREAKING PEACE, there was also an epic $100,000 putting contest which this random dude somehow jarred from 120 cheap carpeted feet away.

So first of all, hats off to this guy, who just won a $75,000 pontoon boat and $25,000 cash (because pontoon boats are as good as currency in Minnesota). You got really damn lucky earned it, buddy. A secondary kudos to the Minneapolis Convention Center crowd is also in order, who managed to overcome their collective Vitamin-D deficiency just long enough to offer a proper "GET IN THE HOLE" before this one, in fact, did. Without you guys, none of this would be possible.

The real icing on the cake, however, is the fact Mr. Drano Max won't even have to explain why he came home with a pontoon boat instead of the 1%, because his incredibly chill S.O. was there, SPENDING HER WEEKEND AT THE MINNESOTA GOLF SHOW, to cheer him on. So yeah, here's to the happy and newly aquatic couple. Hopefully you guys enjoyed a celebratory champagne of beers in the Golf Lounge after things died down a bit.