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Tony Finau rocked a pretty sweet hoodie for a few holes at the Valspar Championship

March 09, 2018

It was a little chilly Friday morning in the Tampa area when Tony Finau teed off at 7:45 a.m. for the second round of the Valspar Championship. Needing a little extra warmth, Finau slipped on a hoodie. And a pretty sweet on at that. Have a look:


No, this shouldn't be a big deal, but in the often stuffy world of golf style -- "Ben Hogan is rolling over in his grave!" -- this was a bold wardrobe choice. Although, not quite as bold as the outrageous purple and gold shoes he wore in honor of Kobe Bryant last summer. . .

Finau's fashion statement was forward-thinking, but he's not the first to rock a hoodie on the PGA Tour. We believe that honor goes to Morgan Hoffmann at the 2016 Safeway Open. A true trailblazer.

In any event, Mark Zuckerberg will be disappointed to know that Finau took the hoodie off on his fourth hole of the day, which he birdied to get off to a quick two under start. But hopefully, Finau is just building toward unleashing a full round of hoodie power.