What to wear now

What to wear now: A golf hoodie

Golf courses across the country are now open for business, even if temperatures aren't quite ideal. Since mornings and late afternoons might remain chilly for the better part of the next month, it'll be important to consider the right layering pieces. Enter one of my favorite items: the golf hoodie. Since polos rarely pair well with hoodies (more on that in a bit), it's best to wear a tailored polo or a mock polo with a hoodie. That way, you don't have to think about whether you should pop your collar, how to fold it down, etc. But if you're anti-mock or would rather stick with your traditional golf polo (honestly, we don't blame you), it's best to turn down your collar when sporting a hoodie. The only scenario that'd make it OK to pop your collar while wearing a hoodie is if it's significantly cold out and if your collar is rigid and can really stand on its own. A firm, prominent pop with a stylish hoodie will help you stand out from all your crewneck brothers. Here are our 10 favorite golf hoodies.