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PGA Championship 2022: You’ll never believe it, but the internet is losing its mind over Tony Finau’s scripting again

As you’ve probably heard, it’s a major weekend. The field has been thinned. The weather has turned. It’s go time and that can only mean one thing:

Tony Finau’s Nike scripting is the talk of the town (Tulsa in this case).

Seemingly every major tournament, Finau goes viral for his drip, with golf’s fashion cops tasering each other in the face over whether Finau’s fits are fresh or fugly. See Sweatergate for reference:

That proud tradition continued at Southern Hills on Saturday when Tony Finau showed up to the range on a cold, misty morning dressed like the New York Botanical Garden.

The reaction of the Oklahoma gallery said it all.


Richard Heathcote

Seconds after these images surfaced, the take whiplash began in earnest.

It’s not fair to malign the selfless keyboard warriors risking life and livelihood to bravely share their takes with the internet without sharing our own, however. So where do we fall on the love-it-or-loathe-it spectrum? Somewhere between indifferent and pretty good. All-over floral prints are very 2016, but still, it’s better than another beige sweater.