Tom's Dishy

British Open 2023: Tom Kim trying to guess English slang words is just as charming as it sounds

Forget Raymond, everybody loves Tom Kim. Whether tearing his pants, slipping in mud or trying to pay cash for concessions at the Masters, Kim has turned affable failure into one of the most endearing brands in golf. That continued at Royal Liverpool this week, where Kim was asked to guess the definition of a series of English slang words. The results, as you’ve probably already guessed, were bloody (ahem) charming.

Kim starts well, identifying “loo” as “toilet.” He also correctly guesses “lift” as an elevator, “petrol” as gas and “queue” as a line, but fades quickly as the local lingo gets tougher. When he guesses “blimey!” means blind, you know he’s going to be limping back to the clubhouse on the cutline.

Despite only getting about half correct, Kim definitely picked up a few choice terms for the week, including “dishy,” which he was excited to learn means “hot” or “attractive.”

Ladies of Liverpool, what do you think? Is Tom dishy?