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Today in Questionable Golf Attire: Michael Jordan and his puzzling style decisions

November 21, 2017

This isn't the first time Michael Jordan's golf attire has left us scratching our heads.

Refusing to change out of cargo shorts at La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach caused MJ to get the boot from the club in 2012. And at the Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club, Jordan wore jeans -- albeit, nice jeans -- inside the ropes. Two fashion faux pas in golf.

Thanks to ESPN personality Mike Greenberg, a huge golfer, we have another MJ golf photo to analyze. Greeny shared this photo from down at the Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla., where MJ plays regularly. And boy, calling Jordan's get-up "questionable" is sort of being nice:

Where do we start? The white belt with the pastel shorts and purple golf shirt is probably the first flagrant foul. White belts only go with a pair of white pants or shorts. Golfers as a whole have stopped wearing their white belts with off-colored garments, but MJ is apparently slow to learn this.

Also, MJ buttoned his top button? MJ is known for relaxing on the golf course with (as many as six) cigars, and he's gotta keep that going with his button. Look at Greeny, MJ, and take note. (Also, Greeny, we see you with the Bayonne Golf Club hat and shirt. Love the logo, but that's aggressive to go with the same logo on the hat and shirt. We'll let that pass.)

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And finally, we discovered this 2012 AP photo with MJ pretty much wearing the exact same outfit. C'mon... five years later and you're still rocking the same stuff? Someone needs to give His Airness a golf makeover as a holiday gift.

AP Photo

You'd think an icon like Jordan, whose sneakers and basketball shoes have become equally iconic, would keep up with the times a little bit on the golf course. Not so much.

David Cannon

Michael Jordan, flanked by Davis Love III and Fred Couples at Medinah Country Club outside Chicago for the 2012 Ryder Cup.

It's a lot easier saying all of this behind a keyboard and not to MJ's face. All that being said, if you're reading this and MJ is on your holiday shopping list, please send him golf attire. The golf world will thank you endlessly.

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