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Tim Tebow is more upset than Nick Saban that Alabama students aren't showing up to home games

On Wednesday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban went off on one of his usual tangents, though this one wasn't directed at the media or his team or all the rat poison he loves to talk about. Unfortunately, it wasn't about discovering the latest and greatest style trends that have been around for 20 years either. If we were only so lucky.

No, this rant was directed at the Crimson Tide fanbase, specifically the students, many of whom did not show up for Bama's 56-14 drubbing of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns last Saturday. Have a watch:

There are very fair arguments for both sides of this debate over an incredibly first-world problem. The first, and the one many on social media jumped on right away, is that maybe Saban should schedule some tougher non-conference opponents for their home games. As exciting as Tua Tagovailoa and the offense has been, when you know the outcome is going to be 70-0 Alabama, it's tough to get excited for. With all the things competing for everyone's attention in 2018, carving out three hours to watch Arkansas State get murdered doesn't top everyone's list.

But Saban makes some fine points as well. Perhaps the fans have it too good in Tuscaloosa. Plenty of college football fanbases would kill for that kind of success, for their team to be in the College Football Playoff year in, year out, to have home games you can attend and see a guaranteed victory. And these damn college kids and their phones can't show up and support the team because their team "too good"? Must be nice!

Judging by the reaction to Saban's comments, he's very alone in his stance, not that he cares one bit. Well, actually, that was until Friday, when former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow got even more upset than Saban's over Bama's empty student section. Here's the former Florida quarterback unleashing all that pent-up frustration over getting blasted in the 2009 SEC Championship:

Jeez, Tim. Relax. No need to get personal. For a second there, I thought he might cry ...


Just kidding. We're big Tim Tebow fans here at The Loop, and we shouldn't have used that GIF. That was mean. Sorry, sorry, trying to delete.