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Nick Saban shows why he's a recruiting god with some slick dance moves

No matter how many top players and coaches Nick Saban loses at Alabama after each national championship-winning season, the Crimson Tide still remain one of the best teams in the sport year after year. As the saying goes, they don't rebuild, they reload, and no one does that better than Saban.

The question is, how? How does he get a top recruiting class every year? How does he win 14 games every year? How has he won five national championships in the last decade? What's he doing so much better than everyone else? Well, we may have found one of the answers over the weekend from Alabama recruit Eddie Smith, who filmed coach Saban displaying some slick dad dance moves:

Despite his thoughts on ripped jeans, it looks like Saban is capable of having an ounce of fun every now and then. It's not the first time he's cut a rug in order to land a recruit either. Here's video almost two years ago to the day of Saban getting down in the home of Jared Mayden, now a sophomore at Alabama:

The man will do whatever it takes, even for Eddie Smith, who is only a three-star corner that's ranked 17th in his state according to Imagine the lengths Saban will go for a five-star recruit? What did he have to do to land Tua Tagovailoa? The worm? Cha-cha slide? Macarena? The possibilities are endless.