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Today in Random Acts of Tim Tebow Kindness: A shout-out to grandma that leaves her speechless

Tim Tebow has a gift. Whether you like him or not, he has the gift of giving all different kinds of people joy.

He brought Florida Gator fans their second and third national titles after going a decade without winning one. He also delivered a Heisman trophy, just the third in school history.

He gave Broncos fans their first playoff victory in six years, and did it in heroic fashion in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

These are just things he's done on the playing field. If we had the time, we could fill up books of Tebow's random acts of kindness, many of which we've been offered a glimpse of through his minor league baseball career in the New York Mets organization.

Danny Terp, who recently attended one of Tebow's games, captured one of these moments when the QB-turned-outfielder was signing autographs. Terp asked him to give a shoutout to his grandma, who is one of Tebow's biggest fans. Of course, Tebow obliged, and Terp saved the video to show his grandma. What followed is one of the most heartwarming things ever:

If Grandma Margaret's smile isn't the biggest one you've ever seen, I'm not sure what is. Imagine being able to make someone this happy? That's the power of Tebow. We could all use some more Tebow in our lives these days.