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This video of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson playing golf pong is. . . pretty disappointing

November 07, 2018

After months of hype, THE MATCH between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is only 16 days from taking place. But the latest tease for this showdown in Las Vegas fell flatter than Phil's vertical leaping ability.

Look, despite the $19.99 Pay-Per-View price tag, we're still excited for this Nov. 23 exhibition. We're even looking forward to seeing HBO's 24/7 treatment of the event. But Tiger vs. Phil in a game of. . . golf pong? Someone actually thought this was a great idea?

Woods (probably reluctantly) retweeted the video, and Phil, who "won" 9 to 8, added this:

Only you didn't film it WITH Tiger. That's what made it so disappointing. This might have been a decent bit if the two were next to each other trading barbs and making some of those side bets Phil keeps pumping up. Or if the cups were filled with beer and the guys had to chug to earn points. But instead, none of that. And they weren't even on the same course!

Wait a minute. Is it possible this was purposely bad to draw attention to the real event? If so, kudos.