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Tiger says he and Phil will 'beat each other's brains in' in first ad for 'THE MATCH'

On Thursday, the first ad for "THE MATCH" between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson dropped, and it looks like we finally have a set date for the proceedings. While there's still no set time, we at least know it will be played on Friday, November 23, as Mickelson mentions in the opening of the video below, one that features the duo trading barbs and Woods declaring they will "beat each other's brains in." Take it easy man, it's just a game:

Not exactly McGregor vs. Khabib, but a solid first ad for an event that could use some good pub. After the way both Woods and Mickelson looked in France, it's fair to say golf fans aren't as high on "THE MATCH" as they may have been when it was first announced. If you believe everything you read on social media (don't), you'll quickly find out that no one is paying to watch this overhyped exhibition, and "NO ONE CARES" about these two aging superstars anymore. Just don't tell that to anyone that watched the Tour Championship.

However you feel about it, Tiger saying "I WILL win" and Phil saying "easiest $9 million I've ever made" has to get you a little excited. We know they both want to win, and with enough time off, they should both be rested and ready to go. Although Phil has one more week to get through. At least this ad was better than that terrible Twitter fight.