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Phil Mickelson hints of HEFTY side bets against Tiger Woods, predicts hole he'll win on during Lakers game

October 26, 2018

Golf fans finally found out on Thursday how much The Match between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods will cost to watch. Hours later, Mickelson used an interview during a Los Angeles Lakers game to try and sell people on another aspect of the Nov. 23 exhibition that will make the $19.99 worth it: side bets.

Golf's ultimate showman/pitchman joined TNT's Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller during the broadcast (Turner Sports is producing the event) to promote the upcoming showdown between the two golf legends at Las Vegas' Shadow Creek, including an example of how the side betting — in addition to the winner-take-all $9 million purse — will work. Have a listen:

The best part is how Mickelson just casually says "fifty" at first when referring to a potential $50,000 bet on a putt. He then clarifies that he means "fifty Gs" to Harlan, who seems a bit startled by the figure. "Fifty Gs?!" Harlan says with a ho-ho-ho chuckle. C'mon, Kevin. You think two guys who make about $50 million each per year feel any juices over a $50 putt? These guys aren't messing around.

Mickelson also made an official prediction while talking with the NBA on TNT crew. And like a boxer calling what round he'll win a fight in, Mickelson predicted the hole he'll close out the match on:

Phil over Tiger on the 17th, huh? Wonder what kind of side odds he could get on that. . .

Mickelson later posted this photo from the game, which in addition to being a promotional appearance was also apparently a date night with his wife. Talk about a man who knows how to multi-task.

We're guessing Phil's also pretty good at keeping track of bets. At least, he better be. It sounds like the action at Shadow Creek next month might take a backseat to the action between shots.