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This thread of swings from the New York Jets' Topgolf outing is tough to watch

AFC Championship: New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts

Rob Tringali/Sportschrome

Death, taxes, and the Jets. These are the only guarantees in life—that one day it will end, that once a year you'll have to pay for it, and that the Jets will suck all the while. It's been another rollercoaster offseason in the Meadowlands. On one hand the Jets landed their answer to Saquon Barkley in Le'Veon Bell and have a young, promising quarterback in Sam Darnold to pair with him. On the other, they hired the Lord Baelish of NFL head coaches, introduced him with one of the most bizarre press conferences in NFL history, and then fired their GM at his behest days after the Draft. Like we said, the Jets are gonna Jet.

So with all those emotional loops, drops, and corkscrews behind them, on Thursday the Jets cancelled their final mini-camp practice in the interest of a little morale-boosting trip to the local Topgolf which, by the looks of things, backfired in typical Jets fashion. If you have a weak stomach for hitchy, glitchy golf moves, consider yourself warned:

Sweet fancy Moses, gentleman. This is the golf equivalent of watching Elaine Benes dance and that is NOT a compliment...

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In the end, we hope the Jets had a good time and that at least one or two players caught the bug, but my goodness, even "swing your swing" has its limits.