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Guy tweets out picture of Sam Darnold in Jets uniform, Twitter responds by praising Darnold's, um, rear end

The big news in New York sports this week, aside from the Mets already locking up the World Series while the Yankees are completely in the toilet, is the New York Jets' big uniform reveal. Apparently, it was time for a refresh in Jets-land, and with the way the franchise is going, the timing makes sense. Second-year quarterback Sam Darnold is ready to take the next step, safety Jamal Adams is becoming a star player and the signing of running back Le'veon Bell should inject some life into a previously putrid offense. Things may be finally changing for the J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets, so why not change the unis too?

The jerseys leaked earlier this week, but the official reveal came on Thursday, and overall, there's been worse:

The biggest improvement of all is the helmet, which is completely green like the franchise's older versions and just says "Jets" without the N.Y.:

As for the jerseys, pretty meh. The white stripes and the "New York" across chest seems like a bit much, but others might have a different opinion. Then there's the pants, white with a green stripe down the side. A self-proclaimed "uniform watcher" tweeted out a close-up of Darnold in the pants on Thursday:

Not bad. But you see, this is Twitter, where everything must be THE GOAT or a steaming pile of garbage. If you're going to wade into the death trap that is the replies, you better pick a side.

Except on this day, everyone was on the same side, and it had nothing to do with the pants. Everyone came together to praise one thing and one thing only: Sam Darnold's gigantic ass:

Twitter never ceases to amaze. Some days you scroll for hours and fill your head with nothing but poison. Other days you scroll into a discussion about Sam Darnold's rear end. Can't really explain it.