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Sam Darnold gets "Rudy" slow clap, instantly qualifies as best Jets moment in 50 years

July 31, 2018

There's not exactly a pantheon of greatest moments in New York Jets history. There's the '68 Super Bowl...um...when the little kid in "Elf" wore a Wayne Chrebet jersey...let's see...Rex Ryan's "Hard Knocks" speech? Yes, that about sums it up.

So if you're wondering why first-round draft pick Sam Darnold received the "Rudy" slow-clap treatment for merely signing his contract after a short holdout, well, the above gets that point across.

Is there a more "Jets" thing than mistiming the slow clap, thus having to do it once more? Or maybe his fellow players just really, really like Darnold. Hell, you would too after watching Josh McCown and Bryce Petty throw pass after pass to your feet for an entire season.