This supercut of LeBron James’ “signature” move proves MJ would have smoked him like a brisket

With the confirmation of the NBA’s 22-team return on Thursday, questions abound. Who will earn the respective eight seeds? Can Giannis and the Bucks finally breakthrough? Will Goofy throw up the opening tip-off? Can the Lakers triumph in the memory of Kobe Bryant? Assuming the world is still here to play basketball upon, we’ll have the answers to those questions soon enough, but that last one brings us to our true purpose here today: This supercut of LeBron’s “signature” move, which proves once and for all that that MJ would smoke LBJ like a 12-pound brisket.

Now this is the part where we say we love LeBron. We love the fact he can drive the basket better than anyone in Association history. We love that he single-handedly changed NBA fitness forever and hasn’t been afraid to speak up on things more important than basketball (unlike his aforementioned comparison.) When we watch LeBron, we’re fairly certain we’re watching the second greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth. BUT (and it’s a big but), let’s call it like it is: That move is whack.

It looks like something a 13-year-old would make up. He fakes going right, stares at the ball for a split second like he’s still learning how to dribble, and then elevates above his defender. That last part is the only thing that makes those first two parts work, unlike MJ’s signature fadeaway, which, for comparison’s sake, looked something like this.

So does this settle MJ vs. LeBron date once and for all? As long as there are still slow news days on First Take, probably not, but here, in real life, it’s O-V-E-R over.