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Basketball season is over which means it's officially "LeBron or Jordan?" season on First Take (make it stop)

One of the biggest problems with the internet is people giving undue attention to things we should be paying no attention to at all. I'm about to do that, making me one of the worst culprits. First step is admitting you have a problem, as they say.

First Take and the daily arguments made on First Take are a pile of steaming hot garbage. Add in the fact that it's June, the NBA and NHL seasons (LOL, just kidding, ESPN doesn't cover hockey) are over, and the fact they have NO time for baseball, things are bound to get wonky. I feel for the show's producers and for the on-air talent, who have to talk about mindless trash over these next few months. But even with that being said, there is absolutely no excuse for the debate First Take reheated on Tuesday: LeBron vs. MJ. Oh yeah, they are back on their bullsh*t.

The worst part is that they brought in Shaquille O'Neal, who usually keeps it real with Charles Barkley & co. on TNT during the season. Sure, they do their share of goofy stuff as well, but when it comes down to talking basketball they bring the knowledge. I actually think Shaq was attempting to do that in the segment below as well, but all civil conversation goes out the window when we do the LEBRON or MJ, CHOOSE YOUR GOAT routine. What's funny is that judging by the graphic on the bottom, this was a "Lakers Mount Rushmore" discussion, which sounds god-awful on its own. Ryan Hollins, a rising star at ESPN apparently, somehow shifted the conversation to a LeBron vs. MJ debate, which then turned into "could MJ's Bulls beat the Golden State Warriors?" It's honestly hard to keep up:

What the hell is even being discussed here?! And where is Stephen A. Smith?? Poor Max Kellerman can't even get a damn word in over this brainless shouting, which is probably for the best. The less brainless shouting the better. For more brainless shoutingidiotic typing, wade into the Twitter replies to see everyone disagree with each other and argue about matchups that cannot possibly happen unless someone invents time travel. That's what is most infuriating about these debates—there is literally zero correct answers to them. Alas, people can't get enough, and I just wrote nearly 500 words about it. Who is the real idiot here? (raises hand)

By the way, the NBA Draft is Thursday, Anthony Davis just got traded to the L.A. Lakers, Kawhi Leonard might go to the Clippers, etc. And First Take is talking LeBron vs. MJ. That is all.