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Stephen A. Smith's Chargers-Chiefs preview was a master class in being completely unprepared

December 13, 2018

Whatever your feeling is about Stephen A. Smith, it's obvious he's good at what he does, which is yell and scream really loud to generate a reaction from the viewer, preferably on social media. As for his actual knowledge of the sports he covers, I don't watch or listen to him enough to cast judgement. He definitely follows the NBA and NFL closely, two requirements to work for ESPN. As for the MLB and the NHL, well, he thought ties still existed in hockey a few years ago, and I don't think any "First Take" segment has ever revolved around baseball.

But after his performance on "First Take" Thursday morning, it now might be fair to say the NBA is his only lane. Here's Smith previewing Thursday night's Kansas City Chiefs-L.A. Chargers game, one of the most meaningful matchups of the NFL season:

The look on Tedy Bruschi's face says it all. Let's see just how bad Smith did, starting with KC running back Spencer Ware, who is doubtful to play on Thursday night after taking a beating last week against the Baltimore Ravens:

Okay, fine. One tiny mistake, not a big deal. Moving on to Chargers tight end Hunter Henry, who should feast on that Chiefs secondary on Thursday night, right?

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 12.17.21 PM.png

So he hasn't played a single snap this season? Little brain fart. Nothing Smith couldn't recover from by mentioning Derrick Johnson, who won't let Hunter Henry Antonio Gates out of his sight on Thursday night at Arrowhead:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 12.20.53 PM.png

What's that? Johnson was signed by Oakland back in May, then released in October and is currently not in the NFL? Oops. Don't worry everyone, it was just a few minor slip-ups. Stephen A. is a busy man!

As you can imagine, Twitter did its thing:

Rough day for ya boy Stephen A. To be fair, ESPN really does work this guy into the ground. All that screaming and yelling has to be mentally, emotionally and factually draining. Here's hoping Smith comes roaring back tomorrow with a fiery breakdown of the Houston Oilers vs. Baltimore Colts matchup this weekend.

UPDATE: Folks, we have some breaking news from the L.A. Chargers. Plan your fantasy lineups accordingly:

Well played.