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This Janet Jackson Jeopardy whiff might be the worst response in game show history

April 30, 2020

From time to time, we make fun of Jeopardy contestants for giving bad responses. It's funny, of course, because all these people are much smarter than us, but we take the opportunity to jump on them, usually because they don't know as much as we do about sports. You know, the most important subject.

On last night's show, it wasn't sports, but pop culture, that created the latest in what could be a series titled, "This is it, this is the worst Jeopardy response ever." We're sure Alwin Hui is a smart guy, but this was just brutal.

Let's start with the clue in the category "Billboard Music Awards":

As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took "Control" & took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.

This is actually a five-part clue. 1.) The 2018 Icon Award winner; 2.) The person has therefore been around for a long time; 3.) It's a she; 4.) She sings a song called "Control"; 5.) She hasn't done a live TV performance in a long time. And as if that wasn't enough, contestants were then shown a sixth clue in the form of a video about said person. Said person, by the way, is obviously Janet Jackson. Yet Alwin somehow managed to respond with this:

Ariana Grande?! We've seen some doozies through the year, but wow.

For starters, Ariana is only 27 years younger than Janet and probably a few decades away from winning something called the Icon Award. Also, Ariana going nearly a decade without a live TV performance would bring her back to her teens. Oh yeah, Janet also happens to be the sister of the freaking KING of Pop. Seriously, Alwin, wake up. You're talking about one of Tiger Woods' favorites here!

Anyway, Alwin didn't win on Wednesday so he will not go down as a Jeopardy icon. He will, however, be remembered for this iconic bad response.