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This Gritty wedding cake is the most Philadelphia thing since Rocky and Cheez Whiz

October 15, 2018

We all love Gritty. The huggable Where the Wild Things Are reject has become the internet's de-facto bestie since bursting into the world last month, and now he is ready to give back. Instead of feeding all that affection to his ego, Gritty has chosen to spread it far and wide, beginning, of course, in his Crisco-poled hometown, where he (it?) has become the face of at least one very awesome wedding cake. You may now kiss giant, marmalade monster:

The romantic fever dream of Landsdowne bakery Kia's Cakes & Café, this is unquestionably, unequivocally the most Philly thing to happen since Frank and Mac got drunk on rum ham at the Jersey Shore. The only way this could possibly get more Philly, is if the frosting were made of Cheez Whiz and Nick Foles was spiking it in the back of the end zone, but hey, no wedding is perfect.

A little relationship advice though: No matter how badly your heart yearns for the sweet, orange frosting of a Gritty wedding cake upon your lips, do not run out and pop the question to any old person on the street. For all you know, they could end up being a Penguins fan.