The Washington Wizards' Topgolf outing wasn't nearly as gruesome as you'd expect

October 14, 2019

We're just over week away from the start of a new NBA season, and so far the headlines have been dominated by political unrest in China, the suckiness of the Knicks, and Jimmy Butler demanding a trade to Dynamo Kyiv (OK, not really, but it's coming.) Suffice to say, it's been an auspicious start to the new season for a league already missing several key stars to injury, and no one knows whether to expect THE UNEXPECTED or simply a weird, rocky down year for America's most important athletic export.

The Washington Wizards, however, do know what to expect: Losing. A lot of damn losing. Thus on Monday, they saddled up for a team-building TopGolf trip to see the sun and breathe some fresh air before crawling into a deep, dark hole for the next six months. Historically, Topgolf has not been the greatest stress reliever for professional non-golf athletes, but unlike everything else for the Wizards, the outing wasn't a total bloodbath, offering a glimmer of hope for one of the NBA's most hopeless franchises.

The Good

The Not So Bad

The Ugly

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Props to Coach Brooks and Garrison Matthews for the quality cuts. And everyone else seems to be making solid contact, which his a huge step up from, say, the New York Jets. Unfortunately, however, it looks like the Washington Wizards will be missing Moe Wagner for at least a couple weeks due to the pyscho-emotional strain. Get well soon, Moe. We've all been there, and with hard work and solid support system, we're sure you'll be back on your feet in no time.