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The video-game version of Bryson DeChambeau has NOT been hitting the gym

The talk of Thursday morning at Colonial has been all about the bigger, bulkier, brawnier, beast-lier version of Bryson DeChambeau, whose weightlifting journey has been well-documented on his Instagram account. The question was, would his gainz translate to on-course success? They were beginning to pre-pandemic, when Bryson posted three straight top 5s prior to the cancellation of the Players Championship.

But the coronavirus brought DeChambeau’s hot streak to an abrupt halt, forcing him back into the weight room for 91 days to continue to cultivate mass. The results are staggering, and the Mad Scientist’s new look has sent social media into a frenzy. It helps that he's playing extremely well, too.

Apparently, the video-game version of Bryson did not get the memo. On Wednesday, PGA Tour 2K21 unveiled two more tour pros that will be in the game, which is set to be released on August 21, and DeChambeau is one of them. Looks like the Xbox Bryson has not been hitting the weights:

Talk about scrawny. Real tough break for Bryson. Every athlete probably has dreams of being in a video game, and when it finally happens, you hope your character looks as much like you as possible. 2K definitely got the face, Hogan cap, Bridgestone glove and Puma shirt down. As for the biceps and triceps, no dice.

We don’t mean to hate on the game, as we’re just as excited as every other gamer starved for a golf game. Obviously, the Bryson character was created well before he packed on the muscle, so the game’s developers are in a tough spot here.

The other pro announced? Matt Kuchar!

Kind of a surprising add, to be honest, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. Kuchar’s career speaks for itself, and is certainly worthy of the video game treatment. But he’d be one of the last guys I’d guess to be in the game. No word on if there is a “How much do you want to tip your caddie?” option in career mode yet.

Just as I was finishing writing this, 2K21 announced another player:

Great addition. Looks like 2K21 will be making more announcements in the coming days. Can we get Phil Mickelson in a golf video game one time?