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Dustin Johnson's press-conference game remains as strong as ever

On Thursday, we’ll find out just how rusty Dustin Johnson is on the golf course post-quarantine. As for the press room, er, virtual press room, DJ is already back in mid-season form.

On the surface, Johnson’s press conferences appear to be mundane. The former World No. 1 isn’t one to offer the same insight as a Rory McIlroy or a Jordan Spieth. But while most players would be criticized for saying absolutely nothing, when DJ says nothing it’s usually hilarious in how he does it.

Case in point, his response to a question about COVID-19 testing on Wednesday at Colonial. Like the rest of the field and the caddies, Johnson had to get tested for the virus, which is administered in one of two ways: by spitting into a tube or getting a cotton swab shoved up your nose. AP reporter Doug Ferguson asked DJ which one he preferred, and DJ responded in the most DJ way imaginable.

“I don't care, whatever works. It's fine with me. Neither one of them were bad. The spit one took a lot longer than the one going up your nose. Obviously the spit test wasn't as uncomfortable, but the other one was faster, so I think I'd go with the quicker one.”

Vintage. Of course, it’s even better with video, where you get the long DJ sigh and stare off into the distance.

That’s a man going through the meet-with-the-media motions as only he can.