Bryson DeChambeau shows off more GAINZ with aggressively shirtless photo

Just like any bro who decides it’s time to hit the weights and make a change in their lifestyle, Bryson DeChambeau has made sure to document each and every step on his Instagram account. He’s checked every box of the weightlifter’s social media #journey guide. “Rise and grind”? Check:

“Hard work happens in the offseason” ? Check:

Videos of him actually lifting weights? Check

The push-up-the-biceps-and-look-in-the-mirror pic, accompanied by a cheesy quote? CHECK!!

We make fun, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t captivated by Bryson’s road to becoming a lean, mean, 230-mph ball speed machine. The goal was to get swole and DeChambeau has done just that. He started at 195 pounds and is now well over 230. Serious GAINZ.

One thing missing from this body by Bryson diary is an aggressively shirtless photo. There was one from late December, but it was an ad for Bose and he was doing that thing where you kind of hide your stomach with your arm since you are not fully confident in your look yet. What DeChambeau posted on his Instagram story last night would lead one to believe that he is extremely confident in himself right now:


By the way, it’s still up on his Instagram story. Don’t all go rush to see it at once. But if you do, you’ll hear Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” playing, implying that … you know what, I’m going to pass on trying to figure out whatever DeChambeau is implying with that.