The Timberwolves' Prince-themed jerseys have leaked and they're very purple

October 23, 2018

Philip Ramey Photography, LLC

UPDATE: Here are the real things:

The T-Wolves have had a real rollercoaster start to their 30th year of NBA futility. First they revived one of the best uniforms the NBA has ever seen. Then Jimmy Butler went full Wahlberg. Then Kevin Garnett swore a bunch. Then they started the season 2-2, winning in a 101-point effort and losing after putting up 136. Go figure.

But now the Wolves are back on the upswing again, with the reddit page r/timberwolves uncovering the team's long-rumored, Prince-inspired City Edition unis, which look totally, ridiculously awesome duh. Look upon them and weep, proud Minnesotans of America:

If you've been longing for the Raptors to revive those '90s purples, these are definitely the next best thing. Honoring the late R&B legend's all-purple, all-the-time ethos, these purported City Editions are simultaneously simple and flashy, featuring aggressive fonts, ultra-saturated hues, and "MPLS" proudly emblazoned on the shorts. According to Google, MPLS is short for Multiprotocol Label Switching, so you're just going to have to wait until the official unveiling to figure out what that means. Sorry.

In the end, these probably won't be enough to placate a man who unwittingly posts quotes of Batman villains on Instagram when trying to sound inspirational, but hey, at least the Wolves will look great while getting verbally berated by their own teammates in practice.