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The Pirates' Mario-themed mid-inning game might just get the kids interested in baseball again

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 4.18.52 PM.png

Baseball is an old-folks sport. Old folks play it. Old folks watch it. Old folks love to talk to you about why sabermetrics are the devil at social functions and not stop until you drown yourself in the punch bowl. The Pittsburgh Pirates are looking to change all that, however, with their newest mid-inning entertainment offering—a Mario-themed coin contest designed to bring out the '90s kid in all of us. Behold the unbridled genius.

Despite being based on a 36-year-old sidescroller, this fun little diversion looks positively modern by ballpark standards, beating out a race of turn-of-the-century presidents, kettle corn with fake tattoos hidden in it, and a song by some old guy named Neil Diamond. At this rate, we might even see seventh-inning-stretch Guitar Hero battles by 2050.

All cynicism aside though, this is pretty cool tech and a fun way to while away the weekday hours in your NL Central outfield of choice. We don't know what you win or what your average Crazy Taxi score has to be in order to compete, but if we were The Freeze, we would be updating our LinkedIn.