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The Freeze is already smokin' fools like it's July

March 30, 2018

Logan Riely/Atlanta Braves

The breakout star of the 2017 MLB season wasn't a player or manager, but instead a mid-inning speedster know only as The Freeze. The Freeze's skill set is obvious—pure sneaker-melting speed—and mission simple—to incinerate hapless ballpark goers in flip flops—and by the looks of things on Opening Day, he's already in mid-season form:

A security guard, member of the Braves' ground crew, and college sprinter, Nigel Talton has now stretched his 15 minutes of fame into at least half an hour, attracting the attention of one Usain Bolt with his Thusday histrionics.

Needless to say, having the world's fastest man say you're too quick him has to feel pretty cool, but we're sure it felt even better after Nick Markakis blasted a three-run walk-off homer to top the Phillies on what was very likely the craziest Opening Day in MLB history. All in all, not a bad to start another season for Atlanta's favorite superhero.