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The best Team USA uniforms in Team USA history

July 02, 2019

ABC Photo Archives

Red, white, and blue. Stars, stripes, and miracles. Sports bras, sweater vests, tassels, tracksuits, and, yes, even a little denim. The history of U.S. international sports—from golf to hockey to soccer and every javelin toss in between—is littered with epic fashion decisions, and to celebrate our democratic (AND PROUD OF IT!) sartorial lineage, we hopped in the ol' DeLorean for a suited-and-booted trip back in time. So grab a Bud, a rocket pop, and crank The Boss as we revisit the best Team USA uniforms in Team USA history.

1960 U.S. Women's Gymnastics

George Silk

The 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome were rife with retro goodness, but the U.S. Women's gymnastics team's very blue track suits were by far the grooviest.

1961 U.S. Ryder Cup

Aubrey Hart

Those crisp white jackets are nice, but it's Arnie in full Casablanca mode that truly sets this ensemble over the top.

1980 U.S. Men's Hockey

ABC Photo Archives

The real miracle here is timeless typography and tasteful use of stars.

1992 U.S. Men's Basketball

Andrew D. Bernstein

The only thing dreamier than these legendary home whites are the crewnecks that came with them.

Icon Sportswire

1994 U.S. Men's Soccer


Two words: Faux denim.

1994 Presidents Cup

We interrupt your previously scheduled programming to remind you that the only good Presidents Cup uniform is a dead Presidents Cup uniform.

1999 U.S. Women's Soccer

David Madison

While a black sports bra remains the biggest style statement of 1999 World Cup, these clean home kits are a classic, inspiring the USMNT's equally awesome 2010 uniforms...

Matthew Ashton

as well as the USWNT's own 2019 homages.

Brad Smith/ISI Photos

2012 U.S. Men's Basketball

Steve Christo - Corbis

Bold logo geometry and a subtle stars-and-stripes backsplash earn these London looks a permanent place in the U.S. trophy case.

Steve Christo - Corbis

2014 Ryder Cup


While the 2014 Ryder Cup polos had more stripes than a DJ range sesh, the sweater look—designed by some guy named Ralph Lauren—is country club style 101.

2016 U.S. Olympic Golf

Ross Kinnaird

Not a huge sample size to pull from on the Olympic golf front, but of the looks on offer at Rio 2016, the "Sunday" reds were our favorite...even if that USA typeface does make it like you're just here to pitch a new season of Suits.

2018 U.S. Winter Olympics

Matthias Hangst

Speaking of Ralph Lauren, the iconic designer steered hard into Americana for the U.S. Winter Olympics team's Opening Ceremony garb back in 2018. Reactions were mixed, but anything inspired by Lloyd Christmas gets an A-OK from us.