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Best Friends Forever

U.S. Open 2023: Zurich Classic partners (and fellow Georgia Bulldogs fans) Sunjae Im and Keith Mitchell reunite for Korean BBQ ahead of U.S. Open

This spring, the golf world watched a budding bromance bloom before their eyes at the Zurich Classic where teammates Keith Mitchell and Sunjae Im—an odd couple if there ever was one—bonded over a love of foreign language and, of course, Georgia Bulldogs football. GO DAWGS!

It was a charming moment from the most unlikely new golf buddies since Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari, but we all expected it to be a weekend fling. This industry makes mortal enemies of best friends faster than you can say “LIV Golf.” There’s a lot of fish in the sea. Being a grown-up is hard. You get it.

But lo and behold, this week the Zurich Classic partners reunited in Los Angeles ahead of the U.S. Open for an evening of old war stories, quality beef and Bulldogs camp chatter. Check it out.

You really do love to see it. Mitchell shared Im's story to his Instagram, captioning it "Jujang!" in reference to the Korean word for "captain" that Im taught him back in April. Beyond that, we have no idea what the pair talked about or how many Soju shots were downed, but the reunion is proof of at least one thing:

BBQ truly is a universal language.