A Family Affair

Masters 2022: Stewart Cink acing the 16th hole with his son on the bag is what the Masters is all about

Don’t get it twisted. Each and every Masters, there’s a lot of noise about the pimento cheese, about the concessions prices, about the lawncare, about the merch, about the sartorial choices. Hell, even about the “birds,” if you can believe it. Amidst all that it can be easy to forget what the Masters is truly about. Yes, golf, thanks Sherlock, but also this …

That’s Stewart Cink, in his 20th Masters, reeling in a hole in one on Augusta National’s iconic 16th hole. Pretty good? You’re damn right it’s pretty good, but it gets even better. Cink watched this instantly immortal shot trickle over lip like Tiger’s Nike in 2005 with his very own son on the bag. Folks, it just does not get any better than that.

Oh, wait. It does get better. Turns out Friday was Reagan Cink's birthday. What a nice way to celebrate. Maybe Stewart will even give Reagan the large crystal bowl the club gives out to players who make holes-in-one.

The 2009 champion golfer of the year finished Friday at +7. He looks all but certain to miss the cut, but something tells us it won’t bother him much. After all, family or no family, what golfer has ever complained about a hole in one?