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"A tradition unlike any other"

Masters 2022: The 7 biggest Masters clichés and how they hold up

April 07, 2022

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — There's a familiarity with the Masters that sets it apart from all other golf tournaments. Even fans who haven't been fortunate enough to make the trip to Augusta National feel like they know every square inch of the property and understand there's a different VIBE. As a result, there are many clichés associated with the event that you'll hear a lot this week, and we decided to examine how some of those hold up at this annual rite of spring. Shoot, there's another one.

"A tradition unlike any other!"

Jim Nantz's famed catchphrase certainly has a lot of truth to it—because there are plenty of traditions (Champions Dinner, Par 3 Contest, honorary tee shots, concession stand prices that barely change even amid rampant inflation, etc.) associated with the tournament. So, yeah, it's a great catchphrase. One that the tournament trademarked in 2015. Actually, it's kind of amazing it took them that long.

"It's hillier than it looks on TV!"

This is like the whole, "It's darker than it looks on TV" line. It's absolutely beaten to death, but it's completely true. Hang on, I'm still catching my breath from walking up the 18th hole. What a hike. What a workout. You can eat anything you want this week and still lose weight. Kidding! The "Masters 15" is another tradition unlike any other. Anyway, this one really holds up as well.

"The Masters doesn't start until the back nine on Sunday!"

Look, we get the sentiment behind this, but the Masters starts on Thursday. Just like every other big golf tournament. Also, this isn't like the old days when Augusta National only allowed the back nine to be shown on TV. We can see literally every shot from every hole now. And as I write this Thursday morning, I can definitely confirm the Masters has already started.

"There's nothing like that drive down Magnolia Lane!"

Admittedly, I've never made this drive, so I can't speak to exactly how it feels. I'm sure it feels great. But it's a road lined by trees, people. It's not the eighth wonder of the world. That being said, if you've spent any amount of time stuck in traffic on Washington Road, finally turning down Magnolia Lane would feel awesome.

"There's nothing like those roars through the pines!"

At no other tournament do fans rely on crowd noises than at the Masters. That's for sure. But if we're being honest, that's because they're without the usual amount of info (no cell phones on the course and fewer leader boards) and not because these roars actually sound different. So while you can tell when someone makes an eagle versus a birdie, or when Tiger makes an eagle versus a birdie, those reactions sound the same at other tournaments.

"Every putt breaks toward Rae's Creek!"

This might be the dumbest thing ever uttered. In what universe would this be possible? Certainly not one where there are laws of physics. Yet somehow this myth lives on. Ridiculous.

"You haven't lived until you try a pimento cheese sandwich!"

That vomit-looking substance between two slices of bread? No thanks. But the BBQ and classic chicken sandwiches? Damn, those are good. And the Georgia peach ice cream sandwich? Now that's life-changing. Unfortunately, they're not in stock this week due to "supply-chain issues." So contrary to popular belief, there are some limits to Augusta National's power.