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Stephen A. Smith says Dwayne Haskins is "more of a runner than a thrower," has never seen Dwayne Haskins play

February 08, 2019

About two months ago, back when the New England Patriots were "done" and other NFL teams had a chance to win the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs and L.A. Chargers were gearing up for what promised to be one of the best Thursday Night games of the season. It was the talk of the sports world, so of course it would be a hot topic on ESPN's "First Take." This led to one of the most hilarious exchanges in that god-awful show's run, when Stephen A. Smith said that Hunter Henry and Spencer Ware, who were both inactive for the game that night, would have a big impact on the game that night. The internet dragged him accordingly.

In typical internet fashion, we forgot about Smith's lack of football knowledge faster than we chewed him up and spit him out. We allowed him to continue to scream and shout on our televisions about god knows what, just like we continue to allow Skip Bayless to say stuff like this. Apparently, we all continue to watch, otherwise the show would have been cancelled a long time ago.

It will continue to air each morning, and probably continue to do well in the ratings, even after Smith's latest gaffe, in which he again displays that he does not follow any level of football closely enough to form an opinion on the sport's teams or it's NFL Draft prospects. Here's Stephen A. discussing Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins in one of ESPN's favorite debate routines called "Pick player A or B and starting yelling at each other":

If you even watched one game, nay a quarter, NAY, one single freaking drive of Dwayne Haskins play quarterback, then you know the kid is an absolute statue in the pocket. This is a good trait, too! The fact he isn't a runner makes him more attractive as an NFL prospect, because his body doesn't take a beating and he has no problem staying in and making all the throws. And yet Stephen A. believes he is more of a "runner than a thrower." Huh?

If Smith simply googled the guy's stats he'd know this wasn't true. We're not even asking him to watch the film! Just literally look up Haskins rushing numbers. He ran for a whopping total of 108 yards in 14 games last season, just barely edging out his previous career-high of 86. For comparison's sake, Haskins' predecessor J.T. Barrett ran for 938, 682, 845 and 798 yards in his four seasons at Ohio State. Tate Martell, Haskins' backup, ran for more yards than Haskins during garbage time last year. Haskins couldn't be less of a running quarterback. Thanks for playing, Stephen A.