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Skip Bayless can retire now. He will never have a hotter take than this

February 07, 2019

We live in an internet age when everything has to be so finite. If it's not labeled the BEST or WORST ever, did it really even happen? Everyone and everything is the GOAT. We're all guilty of it, and we have guys like Skip Bayless to thank for that. Skip created the hot take, and he basically kickstarted the endless LeBron vs. Jordan debate that made the word GOAT so commonplace. So we can blame him for all the extreme sports opinions we see on social media on a daily basis.

Speaking of Skip and having to label everything as the greatest ever, were going to combine those two things right now. I realize I just chastised this line of thinking, which I am a huge offender of, but when Skip checks in with a take like he did on Thursday morning, I can't help but crown it his finest ever. He should retire now, because it may never be topped.

You may have heard that Kevin Durant was a little upset with the media on Wednesday night, a stunning development for the thin-skinned Warriors star. Following his team's beat down of San Antonio, Durant, clearly irked with the Knicks rumors, told everyone to "grow up." Never mind the fact that this is a guy who creates fake Twitter accounts to defend himself to 12-year-olds that hate on him.

As puzzling as Durant's tirade was, it led to the aforementioned five-alarm fire take from Skip on "Undisputed," which he then quote tweeted and just repeated the take. Prepare your eyes, because they will instantly burn:

Get it? Durant? DO RANT? Game. Set. Match.


Here's the video in case you wanted to crawl in a hole and die:

I'm now wondering if this is even a take or the greatest dad joke ever made? DO Rant. You can't teach that comedic timing or delivery.