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Skip Bayless hits new low, calls out high-school basketball star for...not picking Bayless' alma mater

May 01, 2018
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Nicholas Hunt

To paraphrase a "Team America" quote, when you look at Skip Bayless,you see the true ugliness of human nature.

Bayless, everyone's favorite vitriolic, all-CAPS YouTube comment come to life, hit a new low Monday night. Following five-star basketball prospect Romeo Langford's decision to attend Indiana University, the garbage spewing personality decided to chime in with a take that turned to ice once it left his lips:

Yes, because Vanderbilt basketball is a cauldron of champions. It's churned out legends like Will Perdue, Festus Ezeli, and John Jenkins, and they had that historic 1965 Elite 8 run. People forget about that. Why would Langford go to a university that's won five NCAA Championships and served as an NBA springboard, where each game is treated like homecoming by the state? Oh, and Bloomington's a mere 90 minutes from Langford's family. Clearly shortsighted move by our man Romeo.

For real, what type of heartless, ignorant bastard looks at all the chaos in the world and goes, "You know what? I think I'm going to shit all over this kid's best day of his life," without a semblance of empathy? And the best/worst (let's be honest, worst) part of Bayless' comment? Skip is a Vanderbilt grad. Imagine Kirk Herbstreit hazing a kid for choosing Michigan over Ohio State. You can't, because Kirk is a man of honor.

Thankfully Twitter is dying and FOX Sports 1 has been dead for...well, can something be dead if it was never really alive? In short, the day is coming where Bayless will be off our collective radar. What a glorious day—one absent of hot air—that will be.