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Skip Bayless' "analysis" of Jordan Spieth's British Open performance is a Hall-of-Fame worthy hot take

July 24, 2017

Skip Bayless, a YouTube comment section come to life, is known for his, ahem, questionable observations. Declaring the Broncos made a huge mistake by going with Peyton Manning instead of Tim Tebow. Believing Derek Fisher would be a better coach than Steve Kerr. Anytime he talks about LeBron James. George Costanza wasn't this off when he tried to get fired by the Yankees.

Even in this cadence, Bayless' "analysis" of Jordan Spieth's performance at Royal Birkdale is something to behold.

When historians in the dystopian future wonder where things went south, this Tweetstorm should be a good starting point.

We're not sure where to begin the dissection, but here's our Herculean effort to do so:

-- Spieth will never be accused of playing fast; conversely, if Skip thinks the 23-year-old's slow, please don't show him tapes of Jason Day.

-- Yes, some players are more dependent on their loopers than others, as discussed in our recent Undercover Tour Pro column. And Spieth is the first to admit he sees his partnership with Michael Greller as a team. But to misconstrue that rapport as a weakness is ignorant at best.

-- There are a lot of words to describe Spieth's adventures on the 13th. "Lucky" ain't one of 'em. And say what you will about rules officials, but hitting Spieth AND Kuchar with a penalty was the worst thing they could have done in that situation.

We get this is part of Skip's spiel; merely exerting the energy to counter is playing into his hand. That said, sometimes stupid needs to be stomped out. Or, in this hot take's case, doused with water.