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Steph Curry was asked about one of his shooting habits, so naturally he answered by talking about golf

As is the case every NBA postseason, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry seems to be locked in, save for one poor 1-for-9 three-point shooting performance in Game 4, which the Dubs still won 113-105. Prior to that, Chef Curry was 17-for-29 in the series, averaging just under 30 points per game. Much like a PGA Tour pro, Curry got his one bad round out of the way on Sunday, and we fully expect him to bounce back Wednesday night.

Speaking of golf, Curry's mind was on his real favorite sport during a media scrum on Tuesday, the day before a potential series-clinching Game 5 at home against the L.A. Clippers. A reporter asked the point guard about his habit of following the ball with his eyes after he shoots it. Naturally, Curry compared it to putting:

You've got to love that Curry first says, "it's not something I've thought about, to be honest," and then follows with a lengthy comparison to golf, which he clearly has thought about. The man always has his priorities in order.

Golf being on Curry's mind is nothing new for the sharpshooter in the playoffs. Earlier this month, he rearranged his entire Sunday schedule to watch the final round of the Masters (smart move). Of course, it was an off day between Game 1 and Game 2, but we're sure he still had basketball things to do, just not until after Tiger Woods won his 15th major.

Last August, it was revealed that Curry had shot a 67 during the NBA Finals. Not literally during a game, but during down time throughout the series. Curry actually posted multiple scores the week of the Warriors' sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers, though he did not admit to actually playing (which he definitely did).

There are countless other stories of Curry's mind drifting to the golf course during big moments of the NBA season, and we're sure there will be a few more this postseason. The fact he can juggle both sports and continue to focus on winning NBA titles makes this Warriors dynasty all the more impressive. If we had one word of advice, maybe don't use Jordan Spieth in your short-putting analogies anymore, at least until further notice.