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Masters 2019: Of course Steph Curry changed his Sunday schedule—even during the NBA Playoffs—to watch the final round of the Masters

Ellie Mae Classic - Round One

Lachlan Cunningham

There are few bigger golf fans among professional athletes than Steph Curry. The three-time NBA champion has completed in Tour's Ellie Mae Classic two years in a row, tees it up in the American Century celebrity event and plays to a scratch handicap. He even has a putting green and a bay at his house.

On Saturday during the third round of the Masters, as Steph Curry prepared for the Golden State Warriors' opening game of the NBA Playoffs, he made sure to keep updated on the action, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Ron Kroichick. And when he heard about Augusta National's decision to move tee times up for Sunday, even with the three-hour time difference, Curry said he'd at least catch the back nine. Although, then according to Kroichick: "He then smiled and suggested he may try to get up earlier."

Even during a Warriors' playoff run, Curry has golf on the mind. We know the 31-year-old loves Augusta National in particular—he's now played there a handful of times. And Curry has had some epic reactions to the Masters during the playoffs before: In 2016, as the Golden State Warriors prepped for their playoff battle against the Spurs, Curry fell to the floor when he heard about Jordan Spieth's collapse at the 12th hole.

It sounds like, per Kroichick's report, that Steve Kerr canceled Sunday's practice for the Warriors, which may or may not have a little to do with golf being on. Kerr's a huge golfer as well. At the least, it'll allow Curry to check out the entire final round coverage. Like we said, we can't imagine there are bigger golf fans among pro athletes than Steph Curry.