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Steph Curry hugging Tacko Fall will change the way you look at Planet Earth

Steph Curry is widely regarded as an NBA “little guy.” It’s partly his game—using his jitterbug handles and quick release to get off one long-range jump shot after the next. It’s partly his frame, which looks like a stick figure after Thanksgiving dinner. But if you’re wondering why people really think of Steph Curry like Muggsy Bogues—Curry is 6’ 2,” taller than you “tall” friend probably—it’s because of stuff like this.

That’s Curry hugging the 7’ 6” Tacko Fall after the Warriors’ win over Cavaliers on Tuesday night. Curry isn’t a “little guy” in reality, but reality can also be a matter of context. Fall—a man who once concussed himself by hitting his head on a ceiling—makes him look like teensie weensie baby wabie by juxtaposition, and the NBA has always has a couple of Tacko Fall types bouncing around to make everyone else look like Dr. Evil's sidekick.

All of which makes what Steph Curry is doing right now even more impressive. Coming off an MVP-caliber season in 2020-21, Curry is somehow playing even better. On Thursday night against the Cavaliers, he dropped 40 points on 9 of 16 shooting from beyond the arc, including 20 in the fourth quarter while leading the Warriors from an 81-68 deficit at the start of the final frame to a 104-89 win. The game was Curry’s fourth in the last six with nine or more threes, making 42 of 88 over that span, a shooting percentage nearing 50%.

So say what you want and believe what you need to believe, but maybe size doesn’t matter after all.