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Steph Curry getting his clubs regripped 48 hours before the start of the NBA Finals is an ominous sign for the Boston Celtics

The NBA Finals are almost here. There’s just a couple more sleeps before the Boston Celtics—basketball titans of old—meet the Golden State Warriors—modern monoliths of splash—in a battle for basketball supremacy. Everything is up for grabs. All the chips are down. As of this very second, it’s anybody’s series, but no matter what happens, one thing is certain:

Steph Curry will be at the center of it.

Not that you would know it to look at the Warriors sharpshooter on Tuesday morning, leisurely strolling across the parking lot of some Bay Area golf superstore after getting his clubs regripped 48 hours before tipoff of Game 1.

This man has been here before. Do not doubt it for a second. Thursday will mark the start of Curry’s sixth NBA Finals in eight years, and it shows. While other guys are frantically calling their life gurus at 3 a.m. and struggling to keep their protein shakes down, Curry is casually getting his clubs regripped in anticipation of a quick series and a long summer of golf.

So big ups to Curry for continuing to be One Of Us—a regular golf sicko who just so happens to have two MVPs and four Larry O’Brien trophies to his name. Also prayers up for Boston, because you know Curry is going to want to break those grips in sooner than later.