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Steph Curry explains how he's "haunted" by golf, and how Tiger Woods inspires him

Ellie Mae Classic - Round One

Lachlan Cunningham

Steph Curry is a scratch golfer—not to mention one of the best NBA players his generation—but he even admits to being "haunted" by golf at times, just like many of us.

The Golden State Warriors guard has a new Facebook Watch show, “Stephen vs. The Game,” which debuts Thursday on the social-media platform. But we got an advance look—and you can watch the clip below. The show will follow Curry around in the offseason after the Warriors' sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but we were most intrigued by the golf aspects, which you'll hear below.

Just like many of us, Steph has a huge appreciation of Tiger Woods' success. We know Steph is obsessed with golf—but he gives us an idea of just how crazy he is about the game in this video

Here's the video: