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Steph Curry accidentally trashed his hotel room by practicing his golf swing

March 02, 2018

Steph Curry is a man after our heart. He's got the smoothest J this side of Jesus Shuttlesworth, sure, as well as his own shoe line, but it's his love of golf that grabs our attention. He's teed it up with Jordan Spieth and President Obama, beat a handful of pros at a Tour event and has played Augusta National. That, my friends, is living life right.

Even Curry's proverbial mulligans are things of beauty. Evidenced by a quick glance at Curry's Instagram account.

Curry posted the following photo on Thursday after a few practice swings went wrong in his hotel room:

Forgetting smashing a coffee table to pieces. The man brought his sticks on an East Coast swing knowing there was almost zero chance of getting out. That's what we calling having the bug.