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Premier League manager delivers early contender for press conference of the year, has exactly the strange energy we need in America

February 04, 2021

Sick of boring press conferences with coaches who are reading from some internal script written by a robot programmed to spout cliches? Then my friends, do I have the weirdo for you. Sean Dyche is the manager of Burnley, one of those lower-tier Premier League clubs who are battling to avoid relegation, and in his press conference before the Manchester City match, he let his freak flag fly. Watch this clip, in which he talks about "looky-likey," the Pixar movie Up, and slapping other managers with a wet fish:

I ran across the Dyche rant on Twitter when Matt Ufford called for a reverse Ted Lasso situation—i.e. bringing Dyche to America to spice up our pressers—and I couldn't agree more. All the details listed above were a delight, as was his riff on the proper thing to call a cat, but I think my favorite moment of all came when he laid into the reporter who had to ask him a serious question. To highlight a comic genius like this, you always need a straight man, and the banter between the guy doing his job and the coach trying very hard not to do his was exactly where it needed to go.

More Sean Dyche, less Bill Belichick, and we'd all be happier sports fans.