Scottie Strike

Masters champ Scottie Scheffler threw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers game on Wednesday … while wearing the green jacket

Golfers aren’t athletes. You’ve heard it time and time again from the brainless goons of the internet. They point to guys like John Daly as proof while ignoring the fact he looks like every backup nosetackle to ever come out of Nebraska. The debate will rage on forever, mostly because debate is all people do anymore, but Masters champ Scottie Scheffler drove another nail in the narrative coffin on Wednesday when he threw out the first pitch ahead of Rangers-'Stros in Arlington. Check it.

That's some serious gas. Sure, it’s up and in a bit, but you gotta keep the batters honest. Just listen for that crisp “thwack” in the glove. You can tell Scheffler put some cayenne on it, even if he was a little nervous about pulling a 50 Cent (or perhaps a Jordan Spieth) before the game.

The real icing on this Americana cake, however, is the green jacket, which Scheffler decided to wear as he took the mound. We’ve seen Masters champs throw out first pitches before, but we’ve never seen a player do it while wearing the green jacket. That takes some cojones.

Just don’t go sliding into third wearing that bad boy, Scottie. Something tell us Augusta National dry cleaning wouldn’t be too happy about that.